What training options are available at Octa Networks?

  • At Octa Networks, training gets delivered in various formats like Classroom training, Fly-Me-A-Trainer, 1 on 1 training, Instructor-led online training and corporate training. You can find the details about the available course training on our website.

What is the schedule of the training?

  • Based on the course selected and as informed during your admission process, you will receive the schedule of the training beforehand. In case of any cancellations or postponements due to unavoidable circumstances, you will be notified in advance.

Are weekend classes available?

  • Yes. Weekend classes are available. You can choose for weekdays or weekend classes at the time of completing the admission process. In case, you have to change the schedule, you can contact the administrator for the same. If the classes for the same course are available and you can be accommodated in the class, then only you can change the schedule.

What is expected from me while attending the first lecture of the course?

  • You are expected to bring your laptop and have a basic understanding of the relevant technologies and hands-on experience based on the course you choose. Entry-level courses will not have these prerequisites. You can confirm the same from the administrator at the time of completing the admission formalities.

What is the official email ID which will keep in touch with me regarding the course training?

  • [email protected] is the only official email ID which will keep in touch with you. Please do not engage with any other email IDs for our course details.

In which language the training will be conducted?

  • Based on the composition of the batch, for International students, the courses are conducted in English. If there are candidates who are comfortable with Hindi-English, then only, Hindi is used with English for the training delivery. Making students understand in the language of their comfort is our priority without inconveniencing other students in any way.

What is the batch size?

  • We don’t accommodate more than 10 students in any batch.

How can I register for the training?

  • Please get in touch with us at +91 8976676689 or [email protected] or you can fill in your details here. https://www.octanetworks.com/contact-us/ We will get back to you with the details. You can also visit our office at Ground Floor, Syed House, Old Cadell Road, Mahim West, Mumbai 400016.

What is the process of canceling my training course?

  • Please get in touch with us at the contact details mentioned above for the cancellation of your training course. Please refer to our cancellation policy here https://www.octanetworks.com/cancellation-policy/ Also refer to our refund policy here https://www.octanetworks.com/refund-policy/. The policy also covers details of postponement of the courses.

Price & Payments

Is the training and study material covered in the fees?

  • Yes. Typically all the training and study material is covered in the course fees. Any exceptions to this norm will be informed to you at the time of the admission itself.

Are taxes included in the fees paid?

  • Yes. Fees quoted are inclusive of taxes.

Are there any installment options for the payment? In that case, what are the late fee charges?

  • We don't typically go for the installment options of the payments but you can get in touch with the administrator and discuss the possibility of the payment in installments and the late fee charge structure. In any case, receipt of a 50% payment is mandatory before joining the class.

How much does the training cost?

  • Each training course and module have different fees based on the duration and other factors. You can get the details from the administrator at the contact details mentioned here https://www.octanetworks.com/contact-us/

What are the payment modes available?

  • We accept payments using methods such as netbanking, NEFT/RTGS, Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, Western Union, Payment wallets, UPI, Cheques and demand drafts. You can get additional details here https://www.octanetworks.com/payment-modes/.

Visa and Travel

Which is the nearest international airport to your institute?

  • Mumbai International airport is just 12 kilometers from the Octa Networks training center.

Will I get accommodation, pick up and drop facility?

  • Please get in touch with us in advance for your accommodation, pick up and drop requirements so that we can arrange for the same as per the availability.

What type of Visa should I apply for training?

  • You can apply for a student visa or a tourist visa. Please get in touch with the administrator for further details. You need to apply for the Visa well in advance so that we can avoid last-minute surprises and fire-fighting such as canceling the training etc in case of visa rejections and flight cancellations.

Can you arrange for a bundle offer which includes training fees, accommodation, food, and pickup-drop?

  • Yes. We have bundle offers. Please get in touch with the administrator for further details.

Will I face any issues related to food or local conveyance or availability of SIM cards for mobile connectivity etc?

  • No, you won’t face any such issues. We are situated in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Mumbai being a cosmopolitan city, all the major food options are readily available here. Local conveyance is not at all an issue. SIM cards for mobile connectivity are available for tourists You can get in touch with our administrator and get all the relevant details.

Can I extend my stay, if I am opting for any other course with Octa Networks?

  • You can certainly opt for any other available course of your choice at Octa Networks. Your stay extension will depend on the validity of your Visa. Please plan your travel accordingly.

We are a group of 4-6 people. We want to have our batch to start at a specific date and end on the particular date due to organizational requirements. Can Octa Networks arrange for the same?

  • Yes. We can schedule batches for your specific needs. Whether you are in India or traveling from outside India, we can discuss and schedule your training courses to suit your requirements. We can train such special batches at our training center or the location of your choice. We have Fly-me-a-trainer and onsite training programs to cater to your requirements. Please get in touch with our administrator for further details.