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  • Daniel V Kapoor Weltech
    Daniel V Kapoor
  • Ankur Malik Cisco
    Ankur Malik
  • Rajan Dutta Salam Technology
    Rajan Dutta
    Salam Technology
  • Disha Dikshit Kingston University
    Disha Dikshit
    Kingston University
  • Divya Sengar Accenture
    Divya Sengar
  • Somya Kalra Toronto-Dominion Bank
    Somya Kalra
    Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • Pardeep Sahota Cisco
    Pardeep Sahota
  • Abhishek Saini Cisco
    Abhishek Saini
CCIE Collaboration Ajit Singh #63779
Vijay Kumar Ram #63762
Hitesh Kumar #41788
Sulfi Salahudeen #63672
Chandra Praveen Kumar #63669
Mohsin Majeed #63660
Stephan Komm #63662
Aditya Shandilya #63634
Gaurav Gondhi #63611
Mohit Mohan #63603

CCIE Wireless Waseem Ullah #61136
Abdul Haseeb Ali Malik #63470
Utkarsha Asthana #63464
Jeyakumar Sathurappan #62437
Kuheli Sarkar #62409
Astha Goyal #62376
Vidur Batra #62366
Sandeep Gupta #63415
Supakorn Visutthicho #43646
Wilson Lee #22421

CCIE Service Provider Sai Eswar Kiran Bhagavatula #63615
Syed Hussain #63588
Pradyumna Garg #63599
Nipun Gaindhar #62711
Muhammad ali Butt #59077
Muhammad Wali Butt #56587
Bhushan Dilip Kamble #49727
Ilya Petrashkevich #56350
Amir Rashidi #57101
Kamran Shahzad #63311

CCIE Security Sijoy Jose #29527
Praful Khandelwal#49060
Salim Chalil #50187
Siddeeq Sathar #41144
Abdul Rasheed Kumbalakandy#63504
Zeeshan Sanaullah #63439
Abiodun Owolabi #63080
Linkson Nelson #62516
Dipesh Shah #46054
Jose Miguel Montoya Sierra#54349

CCIE Routing and switching Saif Alqayssy #63590
Chethan Krishna #63752
Raghas Naveed #63002
Syed Bukhari #63197
Kalika Prasad #62895
Sanjay Kadam #63254
Nilesh Gore #63099
Ahamed Fayas Mahamed Fareed #62578

CCIE Data Center Justice Anyai #41595
Shakiel Chandler #58601
Lubor Jurena #51635
Mayur Patil #47340
Derrick Clarke #53434
Parag Rathiwadekar #27366
Vinod Nair #63388
Manas Behera #45416
Zoneer Faraooq #63377
Jun Ota #45977

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What is frame relay?

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What is a DNS? Introduction to the Domain Name System.

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CCNA CCNP CCIE Training Institute Mumbai

Companies across the globe are feeling the need for filling the gap created by a rapidly changing technological environment. Companies need to upgrade their employees’ technical skills and abilities as per the current technological trend and market demands efficiently and quickly. Octa Networks provide latest trending Networking Course such as CCNA Certification, CCNP Certification, CCIE Certification and more Read More

Cisco Certification Course Mumbai

Cisco is leading the global technological evolution by staying ahead of the market demands and trends. Even after two decades of inception, Cisco’s flagship Certification Program continues to add immense value to the careers of networking engineers across the globe.

Octa Networks provide 100% pass out result training for onsite and online students who needs to clear their Cisco Certification Course exam all over the globe. As of July 2019, 1.7 million individuals across the globe were Cisco Certified in one or more Cisco technologies. These 1.7 million individuals have approx. 3 million certifications to their names since some individuals have more than one Cisco certificates. Just to mention here, our founders Mr. Arshad Dhunna and Mr. Joaquim Fernandes have eight expert-level certifications each. Read More

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